In music:

I am a man of much experience, some learning, and a deep devotion to the craft of folk singing, guitar playing, and songwriting. I aspire to be both a musician's musician and diggable to men and women of all ages. After years of exploring roots music, literature, philosophy, and the broken road of life, I have grown into myself and found a strong-yet-gentle approach to my music. I am finally becoming the type of songwriter, performer, and person I have aspired to be. A lot of vintage music, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, much classic country and button-down folk, part trad jazz and skiffle, part indie-rock and 70's light rock, Beatles, Bob Dylan, and acoustic Neil Young, and largely inspired by the performance of that American Master, Willie Nelson, I can pick and croon to you while you either sip your lemonade on a sunny Sunday afternoon, or sip whisky with your loved one by firelight and, honestly, keep you entertained.

My heart and soul are based upon a melody and my melodies are what drives each thing I sing for you. Mostly love songs, the lyrics are imbued with an awareness of love's fragility and observations of a privately-experienced reality, but you will always know what I'm talking about. You will hear country lyrics, romantic balladry, and vintage references that you or your ancestors grew up with. One song will hearken back to Roger Miller, another to soulful, train beat Americana, or the smooth Wilco and My Morning Jacket you wish there were more of. Ameripolitan is more like it, but that, too, is limiting. "Folk" is where someone develops a unique style and works within it, so I just call myself that and consider myself thankful for the palette I can draw from. My goal as a singer/guitarist/songwriter is simply to transport the audience through music and myself on stage.

Completely comfortable and sometimes preferring to play solo, I also play with a great group of soulful and skilled musicians and call them The Stardust Floor. The name is based on being something even more beautiful than a classic sawdust floor, but still made for dancing. And love. I look forward to the chance to play for you, be with you, and entertain you for a while!

Having been a working Austin musician and, at times, travelling through Texas, I moved to Baton Rouge, met my future bride, and happily settled there. The venues I've regularly played in Baton Rouge are: Dyson House Listening Room, Red Dragon Listening Room, Curbside Burgers, MJ's Cafe, Hammond Regional Arts Center, the old and famous Chelsea's, and tons of Slow Food of Baton Rouge events. Albums you may be interested in are: Ben Bell & The Stardust Boys (2007) The Matador (2012), and the extant Jade Cricket Carousel (with The Jade Crickets--1997) and Devil On a Sunday (2003).